Dear members of St Barnabas,
Greetings to members of the St Barnabas Family! I trust you are coping well at the end of our first full week of isolation. As a parish we continue to meet through email, phone calls, Zoom, walking the streets and in other ways and, as you will see below, we continue to explore ways of serving our community.

Unsurprisingly, in these days of disquiet and anxiety, people are reaching out to God as never before. Current research reveals a surge in Google searches on the topic of prayer. Strengthening faith in God and prayer are important ways of coping in adversity. As people of faith let’s reach out to our neighbours with care and practical help if we can.

Within the obvious stress, disruption and suffering of our world it’s also important for us to recognise and name the blessings we experience from God. We give thanks for our nation and the firm and compassionate leadership of Jacinda Ardern. We give thanks for all those who are leading our national response to this pandemic and the willingness of our fellow citizens to ‘conquer the Everest that has been put before us.’ And in many cases we also give thanks for more silence, more time for children and more time to enjoy the simple pleasures of life.

I’m also heartened that many of our parish groups are finding ways to stay connected. Many are using Zoom to set up meetings. I’m impressed by the effectiveness of this technology to enable our church to continue to thrive. Click any links you see below for more information and note Sunday Worship information attached.

Phone, Phone, Phone!: Our main strategy to keep connected as a parish is to use the phone! If you haven’t yet been phoned, please contact Jenny Wilkens on 021 025 18826.

Have a Palm in your Palm!: You’re invited to bring a palm or fern frond to Zoom Church on Sunday at either 10am or 8pm. There will be the traditional ‘blessing of the palms’ as we remember Jesus riding into Jerusalem on a donkey on the first Palm Sunday.

Holy Week and Easter: From Monday to Thursday next week there will be Zoom services at 10.30am and 8pm each day. On Good Friday there will be a 10am Zoom service and on Easter Day there will be services at 10am and 8pm. Click on the links – or find them on the Website.

Farewell: On Sunday we recognise the loving and gracious leadership of Kathryn Fee in leading our youth over the last four years. This will be her last day as our Parish Youth Worker and we will wish her well and pray for God’s blessing on her.

Covid-19 Approaching Uganda: Mission partners Nick and Tessa Laing are seeking support for their work in Uganda which is being affected by Covid-19. They want to fund Personal Protective Equipment, medical equipment and fuel for ambulances. Click here to donate – further info attached.

Jive with Jo!: All senior parishioners are invited to Eldercare Exercises and Quiz each Wednesday at 2pm led by Jo Cotton.

Pantry Low?: For those finding it difficult to arrange supermarket deliveries please phone Rev Jenny Wilkens on 021 025 18826 – we have volunteers who are willing to undertake shopping for you.

Something Broken?: If you do need to purchase consumer goods for any reason such as a computer, white-ware or if an appliance has broken down, contact one of the large retail stores – some of them do home deliveries.

Donations: Thanks so much to those who have moved their financial giving to the parish from either cash or envelop offerings to Direct Credit. If any others would like to do this to support the ministry of our parish at this challenging time please go to the parish website for more information and the parish bank account number.

Daylight Saving: Don’t forget to turn your clocks back one hour when you go to bed on Saturday night.