On Sunday November 22 at 7pm a special service is being planned for migrants and those new to our community from other countries.

What a great way to provide a warm welcome and a language learning opportunity all rolled up into one! Students, past and present from the English Class, will be encouraged to attend church and participate sharing prayers, hymns, songs and words in both their own language and English.

For some migrants this service will be their first experience of Christian worship. For others, still learning English, it may be the first time they have actually spoken or sung in a New Zealand church. The Antioch congregation will open and close with a hymn in Te reo Maori.

2020 has been a year of anxiety for most people and probably worse for migrants who have experienced Visa, employment, homesickness and other pandemic related issues. We invite all people from St Barnabas to extend a Christian welcome to our church and to, Aotearoa, New Zealand!