At Antioch on Sunday 10 October, we were privileged to witness one of our Young Adults, Lynn Kim being admitted as a Novice of The Third Order Society of St Francis! This marked the start of a 2-year journey where she will continue to discern the call to be in the Third Order, commit to prayer, keep her Rule of Life, meet with other members and do Novice studies.

It was wonderful to see so many come to support Lynn on this journey. In the ceremony Lynn was supported by her Novice Counsellor Jan Brodie and publicly declared her wish to be admitted as a Novice. She vowed to dedicate herself to the service of the Lord Jesus and to keep her personal Rule of Life.

Lynn first heard about TSSF many years ago and only started to consider joining at the beginning of last year. When Lynn attended the first few monthly meetings with other Christchurch Franciscans, she was an ‘Enquirer’ – a person exploring the call to join the Third Order. In December last year Lynn wrote her ‘Rule of Life’ and became a Postulant which is a commitment of at least six months. Lynn then met with her Novice Counsellor regularly and started meeting with a spiritual director.

The Third Order of St Francis consists of men and women, single or in committed relationships, who, though following ordinary professions, are called to a dedicated life of service to our Lord through prayer, study, and work. They follow Francis in prayer and action by striving to be peacemakers, working for social justice, and deepening their relationship with God. They share Francis’ concerns for the well-being of the earth, the poor, and the marginalized.

Jo Cotton and Lynn Kim