What a glorious Spring day! I love how the days at this time of year are often chilly to begin with but by early afternoon you can feel the warmth and the growth of the natural world all around you. At times like that it feels great to be alive!

But what you see depends on where you stand. At lunch time I was greeting by my smiling grandson, Jamie. His default facial expression is a very broad smile across his face. And yet he’s also very sensitive – his smile disappears when you frown! So from where I stand I see a glorious created world, lovingly fashioned by an infinitely powerful and benevolent God. From where I stand, I see a child with so much potential which can only flower when there is an atmosphere of love and encouragement. From where I stand, I see a world filled with purpose and hope and joy – because there is a God who created and redeemed the world – from where I stand.

Of course some people today don’t accept the proposition that there is a God at all. But those same people must come up with a more plausible explanation for human life, the wonder of nature and our place within it. To me belief in a holy, creative, loving God is the very best answer to these deep questions. Something as beautiful as this can’t come from nothing!

And my faith in God gives me someone to thank when I see the beauty of the earth and my young grandson beginning to walk towards me for a cuddle. It’s so life-giving to see the world awaken in the Spring and to say thank you to God for the wonder of his creative power and his love.

I trust you can get outside and enjoy the daffodils, the blossoms and the spring flowers – or at least see them from your window – and give thanks to God. Blessings to you all,

Canon Mark.