On the 27 August I began an incredible 21 day course at Outward Bound in the beautiful Marlborough Sounds. Outward Bound is a global non-profit organisation that runs courses for all ages and abilities. Some of the activities I did included sailing, kayaking, coasteering, tramping, high ropes, and three nights alone in the bush. The 21 day course had three groups of 12 (ages 18 to 27), and many other courses were running at the same time.

My time at Outward Bound was definitely one of the most significant events of my life and God’s timing was great – no surprises there! Exploring the Marlborough Sounds felt like paradise and I always felt incredibly blessed. Nature is so rejuvenating and healing.

Although being constantly surrounded by 11 others was challenging at times by the end of the course we were a close family of friends. I emerged from the course more confident and determined to live aligned to my values; God’s will, service, contribution, justice and sustainability). I know that limitations and boundaries are only self-imposed. Anything is possible!

One memorable moment happened while we were coasteering at Whites Bay exploring a rocky coastline. We all jumped off a cliff around 5m high, then climbed to around 7m above the water. I remember standing on the edge, looking down to the waves and having no thoughts. My mind was blank but nervousness filled by body. I took deep breaths. I forced my legs to step off the rock. Splash! Next thing I remember is hitting the water and feeling ecstatically alive. I learned that I can will my body to override fear and conquering fear always feels amazing afterwards!

Some of you may be reading this and thinking of reasons you can’t have similar experiences. Well, let me introduce you to Rob, the oldest student of Outward Bound who completed an 8 day course at the age of 84. I also met a 72 year old who was doing the course with Rob! There are no excuses! There is more in you, and you will be amazed at how much you are capable of!

Lynn Kim