Lockdown experiences of professional women from St Barnabas

Karen Slee: “For us lockdown is a manageable frustration because with a house move three months ago, our focus has been inward while re-establishing our home environment.

Our family have all been impacted but we have focused on a positive future and have been looking forward to the day our border reopens. To keep contact with a friend who is alone with no family in Christchurch, we picnic together in Hagley Park!

The realisation and acceptance that Covid will not be eliminated and that vaccinations/masks will make the difference is obviously proving hard for some to accept, but a real frustration for those of us playing by the rules in the knowledge that with personal rights comes responsibility to others.

Mark, Jenny, and the wider teams are to be commended for their leadership and commitment providing so many options for care and support for everyone. We personally look forward to the Friday ‘St Barnabas Connect’ email – a beacon of faith and connection.”

Dr Emma Baird writes: “Although we haven’t had any cases of COVID-19 delta variant in the community in Christchurch so far, we have experienced an ongoing extra workload.

We have undertaken a large number of additional duties including the screening of patients and separating those with respiratory conditions from those without. There have been daily respiratory clinics and extra time devoted to discussing patient concerns about vaccination.

We are now planning for future GP management of COVID-19 positive patients in the community. This will cover self-isolation, care, social support, out of hours care, transfer to hospital as needed and post hospital discharge care.

There has also been a higher level of staff absence due to illness this year. We are grateful to have relieving reception staff and two recently retired nurses who are often available to cover for nurses who are away. We’d be really stuck without them!

Please particularly hold all working within the medical field in prayer.”

Edited by Roberta Smith