I took over the running of Antioch, our Young Adults Service, with all the hope and anticipation of a New Year – new dreams, new opportunities and new types of services. New things certainly happened, just not the things we had planned!
We began with a new service called ‘The Table’, where we gathered around a meal with a guest speaker and discussion, enjoying fellowship and encouragement together. Then Covid-19 hit, and we all retreated to our houses, not able to meet in person.
A small group of us met up on Zoom on Sunday nights and we enjoyed laughter, guest speakers and getting to know each (as well as a couple of beloved pets!).
Out of lock-down, Sound Bites was created which is a video clip of a short talk on a Bible verse with a couple of questions to discuss as a group. We have had several great discussions and it is an opportunity for anyone to share, listen and learn.
We have had a new band come together under the leadership of Caleb Brand who play every second Sunday night at our Worship and Communion service. These guys are awesome and make it easy for us not-so-good singers!
One night of bowling has now become a once a month bowling night with lots of fun, laughter, and some healthy competition. A few of us have had a noticeable improvement in our bowling scores! In the past couple of months things have really come together and we look forward to continuing to rebuild in 2021. Please pray for our Young Adults and our Antioch Service!
Jo Cotton