The Christian World Service (CWS) Christmas Appeal is a special opportunity to share our love and concern for God’s world.

This year’s special focus is on those who are hungry and the appeal is shaped by Jesus’ words “When I was hungry…” Food is one of our most basic needs – where there is food there is life. In this extraordinary year, the challenge is to share all we can so others can get through the pandemic, the loss of income and the changing climate.

Food is one of the most basic human rights. Let us pray and work together for a world where no one is hungry, where love is central and justice prevails.

Archbishop West Watson first launched the Christmas Appeal in 1945 on behalf of the then National Council of Churches. The first appeal was for “the millions in the east and the west, who are hungry, cold, and homeless.” The money raised in the first appeal was sent to rebuild Greece after World War 2.

For 75 years, churches and New Zealanders have given generously to others. Together we have helped millions of people survive disasters, build new livelihoods and uphold their human rights.

Let us join together in this year of pandemic and make a difference to the lives of those who are hungry and suffering. Use the CWS envelope available at worship from Sunday November 29.