Hi Cleone and welcome to St Barnabas! Tell me a bit about yourself. 

I was born in Cambridge in the Waikato on a farm called Mona Vale.  After the second World War I boarded for 7 years at Waikato Diocesan School for Girls, where I had lots of fun. I used to play the pedal organ at the school, which I enjoyed. In 1960 I met my husband Ray in Tauranga at a Youth Group dance at Holy Trinity. After we were married, we moved to Otago where Ray lectured Geography at the Otago University. We had two daughters Nicola who lives in Florence, Italy and Carolyn who lives here in Christchurch.  

What brought you to St. Barnabas? 

Ray passed away in 2019 and as my family lived in Christchurch, I decided to move here. Someone at Summerset at Avonhead suggested that I might like St. Barnabas, Fendalton, and they were right.  I attend the Thursday 10am service. 

What do you like about St. Barnabas? 

St. Barnabas is very warm and welcoming – it feels like a home away from home.  I miss my life in Dunedin but coming here has helped me settle into Christchurch. 

How do you see God working in your life? 

He is with me always; I have a strong faith and know that his hand is upon my life.